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*the trail of stars*
21 October
My house has charcoal, paint and broken glass all over it, and I like it that way.

If you like to read my life on these pages....you are welcome to add me to your friends list. But here's the deal...give me time to read about you, too. I like to learn about the people who watch me. Don't you?
1971 panteras, 99 bananas, amish people, art, babybel, barbie and her luggage, baseball playing absentee fathers, beautiful boys, being a brat, being a grown-up, being maltese, being myself, being on the road, being overwhelmed, being quick as molasses, being taller than you, black women's butts, blonde redhead, bobisms, brazilian food, colton, comedian stalkers, cult films, cute goth boys, dancing in rain, dating losers, death by vanity, defective uteruses, disneyland, drinking, dysfunction, eating peas, electronica, exploding babies, explodingdog.com, fake boobs, family scandals, feeling portuguese, food, forgotten lore, fuck the sad away, full metal jacket, girls named danica, hating stupid people, having a high iq, having been fucked over, having boobies, having issues, jeff buckley, john d'acquisto, kissing rainclouds, lesbianbutt, licking sporks, love and a .45, making men cry, making you like me, malta, men in skirts, mensa, mexican skirts, migraines, misanthropy, modest mouse, museums, music, my asshole biological father, my deceased frog bob, my family, my first boyfriend jeff, nectarines, old book smell, overprivileged children, owning other people, painting bill, past crimes, peas, peas with carrots, people with big heads, pickles, poetry, reclaiming territory, remington, rich kids, rivetheads, roaming gnomes, rolling in hay, sex with nietszche, smacking the pavement, smc, space, sporks, stephen hawking, stick figures, taking what's mine, tattoos, teenage boys, the movie brazil, the wall, the word normalcy, the word spoon, this side of time, torture, traipsing through chiffon veils, tulle skirts, velocity girl, venice beach, video games, vodka

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